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Village author's new book

South Milton author Kathy Shuker's fourth novel, The Silence Before Thunder, has been published.

Kathy, who lives in Shute Lane, has held a signing session at the Harbour bookshop in Kingsbridge and will be at Kingsbridge Library on Friday, February 22, from 10.30am to 12.30pm.

Kathy says: "This is another multi-layered mystery, set back close to home in the fictional village of Petterton Mill Cove on the south coast of Devon. The annual writing workshops are about to begin on the sprawling Devon estate of celebrated novelist Eleanor Lambe. Her old friends arrive to act as tutors, bringing past rivalries and resentments with them. The same night, Eleanor falls from her clifftop garden and lies in hospital, damaged, silent. What happened that night? And will she ever remember?"


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