Thursday Club

The Thursday Club meets in the Village Hall on the second Thursday of most months throughout the year.  'Club' is a bit of a misnomer: you don't have to join anything or be any particular age to come along, just gather at the village hall at 2.30pm and be prepared for a very good tea (only have a light lunch), some entertainment and plenty of time for a natter.

First of all, what a brilliant time we all had at the Golf Club for our Christmas Lunch.  It was a wonderful event and gave us all a lovely opportunity to relax together.

We start 2017 on Thursday 12th January when George Seager-Berry is coming to talk to us about Dowsing.  He wants this to be as interactive as possible and says he will bring some L rods and pendulums.  However, if anyone has a wire coat hanger, do bring it and he will show us how to make a rod.

Despite what it says in your programme, on 9th February Debbie Clift will be talking to us about ‘Living with and beyond cancer’ which is bound to be a very interesting and informative afternoon.  She will be telling us about the wonderful work done at our local Triangle Centre as well as other initiatives she is involved with in Devon.

Your programme is correct again for 9th March when Jane Sturdee comes to tell us the exciting story of her relative’s ‘Escape from the Soviets’.

As always, visitors are as welcome as members at our meetings, the charge is the same (£2.00) and this includes the tea. 

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Vicki (560942) Elizabeth (560484) Marion L (560680) Jane (560600)

25th Birthday Celebrations 14th November 2016



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