Thursday Club

In May, Gill and Nick Townsend shared their memories of travels round Australia in ‘Rough Road Ahead’ which was another brilliant afternoon’s entertainment.  It was an amazing trip, the photos were stunning and the descriptions along the way brought it all very much to life.  They had even brought in some of the utensils they had used and, in Elizabeth’s garden, they had set up the vehicle-top tent so we could see it all for ourselves.  Both Nick and Gill are natural speakers and the whole afternoon was terrific.  We are rather hoping they have another adventure to tell us about!

We have just had a super Cream Tea at the Golf Club which cleared us all up on a grey and blustery afternoon.  As always, the staff looked after us very well and we enjoyed a relaxing time just chatting with friends.

We are now having a break until 12th September when Jonathan Tod will be back, this time his talk is ‘A Cold War Warrior’.  He was great last year and I know we are very much looking forward to seeing him again.

As always, visitors are as welcome as members at our meetings, the normal charge is £2.50 and this includes the tea.  Thank you to all of you who support the Club and thanks also to the merry band of helpers!

Keep well everyone over the summer and see you again in September.

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