A questionnaire was prepared by the South Milton Neighbourhood Steering Group based on the comments made at the initial consultation meeting held in September 2014, informal soundings, and advice from the liaison officer appointed by the Planning Group of South Hams District Council.  This questionnaire was hand-delivered to all residents on the electoral role as at May 2015, plus one to each home in the parish with no person on the electoral role, a total of 399.

One hundred and ninety questionnaires were completed and returned.  The questionnaire was split into four sections: Our parish Life; Our Homes; Our Village Economy; Our Infrastructure.  Respondents were asked to make selections, state preferences and rank attributes on a scale from 0 to 10, with zero being strongly disagree and ten being strongly agree.  Respondents were also invited to make specific comments throughout the questionnaire.

The responses were tabulated and analysed by the Steering Group.  Summaries of the responses and analyses can be found in the following sections.  This information was used to prepare the draft Neighbourhood Plan.

Some respondents chose not to answer every question. The percentages have therefore been calculated using the number of respondents for each question.

Click on the following links to access the responses summaries.

Section 1: Our Parish Life /shared/nplan/Section%201%20Responses%20Summary%20%20161220.pdf

Section 2: Our Homes /shared/nplan/Section%202%20Responses%20Summary%20%20161219.pdf

Section 3: Our Village Economy /shared/nplan/Section%203%20Responses%20Summary%20%20161219.pdf

Section 4: Our Infrastructure /shared/nplan/Section%204%20Responses%20Summary%20%20161219.pdf