In a repeat of the opening Division 1 fixture of two seasons ago, the Sanders beat the Originals 36-21 thanks to a big score on mat two. The scores were:

Bob Breese, Jocelyn Schirn, Ken Luscombe, Charlie Dunton beat Steve Girling, Michael Fawkus, Matt Hammett, Ivy Yeabsley 13-12; Eric Fitch, Evelyn Grant, Graham Collyer, Brian Luscombe lost to Tim Lewis, Laura Girling, Antony Hammett, Robert Luscombe 8-24,

Sanders picked up four more points in their second match when they beat visitors Milk Churns 29-20. Robert's four continued their good form with a 22-5 victory, while Steve, Michael, Nick Townsend and Ivy went down 7-15. 

It was a maximum in the next match when the Sanders ran riot against visiting Stokenham Stokers, winning 45-11. Tim, Laura, Antony and Robert (skip) won 21-5. Marion, Steve, Nick and Ivy (skip) recorded a 24-6 score.

The unbeaten start to the season continued when visitors Strete were beaten 29-28. Mike Brice, Laura, Tim and Robert (skip) lost 15-16; Marion, Steve, Nick and Ivy (skip) won 14-12. This win briefly put the Sanders on top of the table.

Two heavy defeats put a stop to the Sanders' good run and brought the curtain down on the first half of the season. Away to Slapton Cygnets, they went down 22-47: Tim, David Goddard, Antony, Robert 17-19; Marion, Colin Baker, David Thorne, Ivy 5-28. At home to leaders Milky Bar Kids, the score was 17-31: Tim, Laura, Antony, Robert 8-19; Marion, Steve, David G, Ivy 9-12.

The second half of the season opened for the Sanders as the first half had done, with a win against the Originals. The difference was that this time the Sanders deservedly took all six points. David, Laura, Tim and Antony beat Eric Fitch, Evelyn Grant, Graham Collyer and Brian Luscombe 15-7; Marion, Steve, Nick and Ivy beat Bob Breese, Jocelyn Schirn, Ken Luscombe and Charlie Dunton 12-11.

But two defeats followed to leave the Sanders short of points in their quest to avoid relegation. Away to Milk Churns at Dartington they lost on both mats: Colin, David T, Tim, Antony 6-16; Marion, David G, Nick, Ivy 7-17. At home to defending champions Slapton Cygnets they picked up two points thanks to Tim, Laura, David T and Antony winning 15-14. Marion, Colin, Nick and Ivy went down 9-15.

Five points in their next two games, away to Stokenham and Strete, kept the Sanders safe in mid-table, and only an away fixture with champions Milky Bar Kids to come. The fact that they lost heavily, 19-44, did not alter their final position of fourth in division one.