The Sanders are in division one of the South Hams League for the second successive season, and after a hard campaign succeeded in avoiding relegation..

They lost their opening match at South Brent, 19-29, but gained one point thanks to Robert Luscombe's quartet. Matt Hammett, Laura Girling, Tim Lewis and Robert drew 14-14; Steve Girling, Michael Fawkus, Nick Townsend and Ivy Yeabsley (skip) lost 5-15.

Robert again gained a point from a draw in the second match, away to Slapton Cygnets, where the overall score was 14-37. Mike Brice, Laura, Tim and Robert drew 10-10; Marion Brice, Graham Collyer (playing as a substitute), Nick and Ivy lost 4-27. 

In the knockout cup, the Sanders comfortably beat a strong Totnes team 28-20 with wins on both mats. David Goddard, Michael Fawkus, Tim and Robert won 14-8; Marion, Mike, Nick and Ivy won 14-12.

For their first home league match, the Sanders entertained Stokenham Stokers and collected six points with a 31-17 win. David, Laura, Tim and Robert 15-8; Marion, Michael F, Nick and Ivy 16-9. 

Four points at home against Strete kept the Sanders in a good place in the league table. It might have been a maximum return but for the jack going out of play on the last end. David, Michael F, Tim and Robert lost 13-15; Marion, Mike, Nick and Ivy won 15-10.

The first half of the season ended with a comprehensive 11-33 defeat at home to league favourites Milky Bar Kids. David, Laura, Ken (sub) and Robert lost 5-12; Marion, Michael F, Nick and Ivy lost 6-21. This left the Sanders with much to do in the New Year if they are to pull away from the wrong end of the table.

What a difference a few weeks made as the Sanders beat Milk Churns, the other big team from Totnes, at the start of the second half of the season. Tim, Laura, Antony Hammett and Robert won 14-9, while Marion, Matt, Nick and Ivy ran out 24-5 winners on their mat. The overall score of 38-14 gave them their second six-pointer of the season.

They followed that with another six points by beating visitors South Brent 34-18. David, Daphne Osmond (playing her first match of the season), Tim and Robert won 19-10; Marion, Mike, Nick and Ivy won 15-8.

The return against Milk Churns at Dartington was disastrous with a 46-10 scoreline telling its own story. Tim, Laura, Antony and Robert lost 8-18; Marion, Steve, Nick and Ivy were hammered 2-28.

The Sanders gave league leaders Slapton Cygnets a good run in their home match before losing out on both mats. Mike, Laura, Daphne and Robert lost 10-14; Marion, Steve, Tim and Ivy lost 9-13.

Three away matches, against Stokenham, Strete and Milky Bar Kids, produced just enough points to enable the side to stay in division one.