In a repeat of the opening Division 1 fixture of two seasons ago, the Originals lost to the Sanders, although they snatched two points with a last-wood win on mat one. The scores were:

Bob Breese, Jocelyn Schirn, Ken Luscombe, Charlie Dunton beat Steve Girling, Michael Fawkus, Matt Hammett, Ivy Yeabsley 13-12; Eric Fitch, Evelyn Grant, Graham Collyer, Brian Luscombe lost to Tim Lewis, Laura Girling, Antony Hammett, Robert Luscombe 8-24.

For their first visit to Dartington this season, the Originals came off second best to Milky Bar Kids, 33-20, in spite of playing well in patches on the slick mats. Bob, Jocelyn, Ken and Charlie lost 10-14; Roy Krywko, Daphne Osmond, Graham and Brian lost 10-19