In a repeat of the opening Division 1 fixture of two seasons ago, the Originals lost 21-36 to the Sanders, although they snatched two points with a last-wood win on mat one. The scores were:

Bob Breese, Jocelyn Schirn, Ken Luscombe, Charlie Dunton beat Steve Girling, Michael Fawkus, Matt Hammett, Ivy Yeabsley 13-12; Eric Fitch, Evelyn Grant, Graham Collyer, Brian Luscombe lost to Tim Lewis, Laura Girling, Antony Hammett, Robert Luscombe 8-24.

For their first visit to Dartington this season, the Originals came off second best to Milky Bar Kids, 20-33, in spite of playing well in patches on the slick mats. Bob, Jocelyn, Ken and Charlie lost 10-14; Roy Krywko, Daphne Osmond, Graham and Brian lost 10-19.

Next up was a knockout cup match at home to Slapton Cygnets, which went right to the wire before the Originals bowed out 27-29. Jocelyn, Daphne and Ken lost 10-18; Bob, Evelyn, Graham and Brian won 17-11. Originals were without Charlie, Eric and Roy and played with seven under ESMBA rules now being enforced by our league. It was a tough ask against last season's league champions, and at the start of the last end five shots were required for an outright win, or four to send the tie into an extra end on each mat. Slapton defended well and Graham and Brian could not find a way in to pick up more than two shots.

With a late withdrawal because of sickness, the Originals went to Strete for a league match with only seven players. This meant that on one mat Eric, Bob and Ken (skip) were at a disadvantage, having to play with only six woods against the home team's eight. But they pulled out all the stops and led until the final end when Strete applied a stranglehold around the jack to claim four shots and the game by 12-11. On the other mat Roy, Jocelyn, Graham and Brian (skip) had a see-saw encounter before taking three shots on the last end to win 12-10, and clinch the match 23-22 for four precious points.

Two matches in as many days could not have been more different. On nearly new mats at Slapton, the Originals came close to causing an upset against the Cygnets, the defending league champions. They went down 26-27, and took two points, but for much of the match it seemed possible that they might win and take all six points. Bob, Jocelyn, Ken and Charlie (skip) lost 11-16; Roy, Evelyn, Graham and Brian (skip) won 15-11

On the difficult mats at Dartington the following night, the Originals were abysmal against Milk Churns and lost 15-47. Jocelyn, Daphne, Ken and Charlie (skip) lost 7-25; Bob, Evelyn, Graham and Brian (skip) lost 8-22. It was the second six-point defeat at Dartington this season.

After a two-week break, the Originals completed the first half of their league programme with a 26-23 win at home to Stokenham Stokers. It brought four points, which could so easily have been all six but for the narrowest of margins on the final end on mat two. The decision to award Stokenham the shot was made with the help of a ballpoint pen, the gaps being too small for the traditional tape or calipers. The mat details were: Bob, Jocelyn, Ken, Charlie 15-11; Eric, Evelyn, Graham, Brian 11-12.

The club made a first round exit from the league Tens competition, losing over two legs to Slapton. The away leg was lost by three games to one, and the return at home was shared 2-2.

The second half of the season opened for the Originals as the first half had done, with a defeat against the Sanders. The difference was that this time the Sanders deservedly took all six points. Eric, Evelyn, Graham and Brian lost to David Goddard, Laura Girling, Tim Lewis and Antony Hammett 7-15; Bob, Jocelyn, Ken and Charlie lost to Marion Brice, Steve Girling, Nick Townsend and Ivy Yeabsley 11-12.

Our first six points of the season came in the home match against Strete which we won 31-15. Ken, Daphne, Jocelyn, Charlie won 13-11 on the last end; Eric, Evelyn, Graham, Brian were 18-4 winners.

Against Milk Churns at home a 29-14 win earned a further four points. Bob, Jocelyn, Ken, Charlie 20-4; Eric, Evelyn, Graham, Brian 9-10, pulled back from 4-9 with five ends to go.

With three matches left our place in division one was in the balance, and a 34-11 thrashing at already relegated Stokenham did nothing to help our cause. Nothing went right for us as Bob, Daphne, Ken and Charlie lost 6-14; and Eric, Evelyn, Graham and Brian  were walloped 5-20.

For our penultimate match of the season we entertained newly crowned champions Milky Bar Kids from Totnes. We required seven points from our last two fixtures to remain in division one. No pressure! Two hours later we had three of those points thanks to a 24-24 draw, with both mats ending 12-12. Nearing the end we dared to think we might take all six points on offer, then five as MBK took the winning shot on the last end on mat two. Minutes later a bad last end on mat one saw our points gain probably slip to just one, but Charlie Dunton rescued the situation with his final bowl which reduced MBK to three shots and a draw, rather than a win. Bob, Jocelyn, Ken, Charlie 12-12; Eric, Evelyn, Graham, Brian 12-12.

So to the last match of the season and the need to score four points against visitors Slapton Cygnets -- or be relegated. The dream of staying up soon evaporated as mat two experienced a difficult time against a strong Slapton quartet. The overall result was two points from a 19-31 defeat, which meant that after one season back in division one it was down to the second tier again. Bob, Daphne, Ken, Charlie 14-10; Eric, Evelyn, Graham, Brian 5-21.

Our record for the season was: P12 W4 D1 L7 Pts 27. It left us second to last, one point behind Strete and several adrift of clubmates the Sanders.